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MLS Street Furniture

Street Furniture Manufacturers For Over 35 Years.

Trust Experience.

A family owned and operated company; MLS produce street furniture to the highest specification. Founded in 1979, the company has grown and developed into a leader in the field of street furniture and park furniture. We have achieved this by continuously striving to keep things ‘fresh’, discovering and adopting new manufacturing methods and always producing a quality product at a highly competitive price. Malcolm Lane and Son operate in Nottinghamshire, throughout the East Midlands and nationally.

You can see examples of our work atop the 02 in London,we were commissioned to produced the lectern for the ‘up at the O2′ tourist attraction. In St Omer, France we produced a pair of beautiful bronzes as part of a war memorial, there really are no limitations to what we can produce, only your imagination! You can find out more information about more of our exciting projects (which we are a bit proud of…) on our ‘Projects‘ page

Everything about MLS, from the office heating system & windows to methods of production & working practices has been chosen or designed to reduce our carbon footprint. We are consistently aware of our responsibility to our environment, our fleet of vehicles are regularly maintained and all materials we use for our products are considered green.

We manufacture our street furniture right here at our UK workshops, everything, right down to the hand painted finishing happens right here. It all started with just one litter bin and just look at us now…