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Information Display Panels

With the increasing interest in our heritage and natural history, the need to identify and explain places of interest has become a more important part of tourism and public information. Our range of Lecterns are ideally suited for the display of any interpretive information, from town plans to park maps and displayed in a variety of mediums.

Printed Panels:
Using high-resolution digital artwork that is printed to vinyl using UV stable inks and mounted directly onto an aluminium substrate which is then protected with a choice of either toughened glass or a clear 6mm thick high impact, weather and UV resistant high clarity Palsun polycarbonate glazing.

Encapsulated artwork:
With wipe clean properties, once printed the artwork is then sealed with a coating that is heat cured and hardened, this protects the artwork against today’s tough environments whilst at the same time maintaining clarity of colour.

Etched Zinc:
A deep etch system that allows for complex graphics to be etched into a zinc substrate with no undercut thus giving interpretive panel designers a way of creating a cast like feel without restricting creativity. This medium is ideally suited for its tactile qualities, allowing for the addition of braille to be included for the visually impaired.

Cast Bronze:
Using the same acid etching process, CNC cutting and elements of hand crafting, we can create beautiful bronze panels that will last for centuries.