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Hexagonal Dornoch Laser Cut Planter – Small

laser cut planter


A  750mm width laser cut, small Dornoch hexagonal design fabricated steel planter complete with ball finials and a 2mm thick sheet aluminium removable liner – finished in any RAL or BS colour

Product Description

Laser cut planter

We all hope for pleasant summer months and kind winters, and seeing vibrant plants and flowers in our town and village centres is a heart warming sight. What better way to show them off than in a bespoke laser cut planter either with or without your logo and/or name.

This laser cut planter is the hexagonal cousin of our rectangular Dornoch planter (found here). The design of this laser cut planter features a relatively low profile making it perfect for high streets and paved areas in both urban and rural settings. Each of the six sides on this planter are laser cut with a design that can be both inconspicuous when painted black, or striking when the liner is painted in a contrasting colour.

The removable liner features drainage holes to ensure that the soil doesn’t get water logged.

The hexagonal Dornoch laser cut planter comes in two sizes, small and medium. The small version measures 750mm in width x 500mm high. The medium version is 1000mm wide x 500mm high. Each fabricated mild steel Dornoch planter comes complete with ball finials and a 2mm thick sheet aluminium removable liner all as standard. Every laser cut planter can be finished in any RAL or BS colour you choose.

You can also choose to uniquely customise the planter with the addition of your logo or crest affixed, as a plate, onto the side.

We can manufacture this planter to a range of standard designs or even to individual specifications. We also make this laser cut planter in double and triple tiers. Press ‘quote request’ to find out more.




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