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Here you will find all you need to know about some of our favourite projects over the years. From a huge war memorial in St Omer to lecterns produced for the O2 ‘up at the O2′ project, you will find it here. For more information about the products shown below or to see similar products, simply click on the image and it will take you to the relevant section of the website.

Up at the O2 Skyline Lectern

Bob_Pete_Eggy_Graham   O2 Arena Sy walk lectern_013   O2 Arena Sy walk lectern_029

In the summer of June 2012, MLS were proud to be involved in a collaborative project to produce and install an acid etch circular lectern depicting the spectacular London skyline to sit atop the O2 arena.
The 32m lectern gives a 360 degree perspective of the surrounding landmarks for visitors to use to identify and learn about what they are seeing from the top of the O2 Dome.


There was no shortage of volunteers in the MLS workshop when it came time to decide who would install this piece of history! Each section had to be lifted to the top by hand by our dedicated team and took a total of 6 weeks from start to finish. Our involvement in this prominent contract allowed us another opportunity to convey our adaptability and ability to producing high profile products.


We are always very aware that our products will be around for many years, and enjoyed by countless nationalities and generations but never more so than with this lectern.


1st World War Memorial – St Omer

war memorial st omer   war memorial st omer, France   war memorial eagle

St Omer is the birthplace of the RAF as we know it today and in 2004 we had the honour and privilege to be involved in producing a war memorial to commemorate all those who served on the western front in St Omer during the first world war. Many squadrons can trace their roots back to formation in St Omer during the period of World War 1. Over 50 squadrons were based in the town, a vital part of RAF history.


We worked collaboratively with local artist Tim O’Brien and members of the RAF to produce the war memorial, which has a bronze eagle on the front and bronze airman on the back. Around the site there are also various bollards with the squadron badges.


The war memorial was unveiled by Air Chief Marshal Sir Brian Burridge, Commander-in-Chief Headquarters Strike Command, and Lieutenant-General Jean Patrick Gaviard of the French Air Force at the aerodrome, Longuenesse, St Omer on September 11th 2004.


Phoenix Park, Wolverhampton

Rain Shelter - Phoenix Park_2   Phenoix Park Shelter_09   Pheonix Park Coreten_5

One of the newest products to be added to our range and EXCLUSIVE to MLS, the Phoenix Rain Shelter can be produced totally in Cor-Ten steel or with clear polycarbonate glazing. Seating between 8 and 11 comfortably, the side panels can be decorated to your specification using the latest laser cutting technology.  This piece was the first project at MLS to use Cor-Ten steel.


Cor-Ten, famous for its use on the Angel of the North, Newcastle and the BBC broadcasting Tower  building in Leeds, really is an innovative material and just beautiful to look at. The corrosion retarding effect of the protective layer is produced by the nature of its structure components and the particular distribution and concentration of alloying elements in it. The layer protecting the surface develops and regenerates continuously when subjected to the influence of the weather. This gives the metal a wonderful deep orange colour, without compromising on durability or strength.


We are market leaders in our field and continuously strive to better and modernise our techniques and the materials we use. This rain shelter is a key example of this. If you have a bespoke project that you would like to talk to us about, please do not hesitate to call.


Rugby Nations Plaque

Rugby Plaque_3   Rugby Competing Nations Plaque_1   Rugby Competing Nations Plaque_3


This project has been an on-going labour of love for MLS! First installed in 1999, each shirt reflects the competing nations in the rugby world cup. It proved to be so popular in the local area that we were subsequently commissioned  to update it for the world cup’s in 2003 and 2007.


Sitting in a prominent position on Rugby High Street, every time the flags need to be changed it takes around 6 weeks as all artwork is hand painted in our studio.


This project has made it into our favourites because it really is a piece to be proud of, not just for our team working on it but for the local community of Rugby.